XXXVII International Mercat Del Ram Balloon Trophy 2020

XXXVII International Mercat Del Ram Balloon Trophy 2020
04/02/2020 - 04/05/2020
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Mikel Masallera
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The INTERNATIONAL MERCAT DEL RAM BALLOON TROPHY 2020 is the sporting event in the world of ballooning oldest in Catalonia and the Spanish state, is one of the most prestigious events in Europe. Held each year during the weekend before easter, every year since 1984 in Vic.

The event lasts about four days (Thursday to Sunday) and attracts crowds of people and spectators. Includes a balloon competition, exhibition flights this year and intend to expand the display part of a "Night Glow" on Friday and Saturday of the Mercat del Ram to Plaça Major of Vic afternoon.

The editions of 1984 to 2003 were performed essentially teams of Catalonia and the rest of the Spanish state. It was from 2004 when some foreign pilots expressed willingness to come flying to Vic and participate in the International Mercat del Ram Balloon Trophy, that's when we seriously we plant the possibility of extensive event the rest of Europe and then to rest of the world.


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Mikel Masallera
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Vic (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈbik]) is the capital of the comarca of Osona, in the Barcelona Province, Catalonia. Vic's location is 69 km from Barcelona and 60 km from Girona. Vic's position has made it one of the most important towns in central Catalonia.
Vic lies in the middle of the Plain of Vic, equidistant from Barcelona and the Pyrenees.

Vic is famous for its persistent fog in winter as a result of a persistent thermal inversion with temperatures as low as -10 °C and an absolute record of -24 °C. Episodes of cold and severe snowstorms are noticeable. In summer, storms are very common during the dry season, typical of the Mediterranean climate of coastal Catalonia. For that reason the natural vegetation includes the pubescent oak typical of the sub-Mediterranean climates of eastern France, Northern Italy and the Balkans.

"The Vic wally is one of the best places in the world to fly in a balloon. I amazed at the serenity of the aircraft you will i will do the following question: why not just perceive the movement of the aircraft in the body? "Flying in a balloon over the city of Vic one is transformed into a particle more of the wind, is the correct definition ......"
(Articulate “Vic seen from the sky” from Miquel Masallera Magazine Vic-Festa Major 2013)