apparelIn the past, the BFA has tried to stock apparel items at our office. The challenge is keeping a good variety of items in a number of sizes. Some of those items may not sell, so we are stuck with them.

The BFA has now partnered with Phelps USA and can offer a full range of custom embroidered apparel items. 

These items feature different divisions and segments of the BFA. Custom embroidery for the US World Team, the Gas Division, The Hot Air Competition Division, as well as the BFA logo are current options. Some items have the BFA logo on the front, and a division logo on the back or sleeve. Ball caps are also available.

A portion of the proceeds of the sales go to the divisions represented by your order. So if you order a US World Team shirt, funds are directed to support the US World Team. This is a great way to support our teams and divisions, and look good doing it!

Each item is made to order in Phelp's Iowa shop, and will be delivered directly to you for a $9.99 per order shipping fee, no matter the size of the order. Delivery should be in 7-10 business days. You will pay by credit card online at their site.

Big thanks to Adam Magee and his team for doing the legwork on this project.

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