2018airspaceMark Your Calendars!

The Balloon Federation of America's annual

Online Seminar will be available starting


Saturday, April 27, 2019


Registration starts 2/15/2019


By request from many previous seminar attendees, we are providing the 2019 Online Seminar in Video format.  Starting April 27th, viewers will be able to watch pre-recorded video segments at their own pace and in their own timezone (no more waking up at 4:30am on the west coast!). 

Of course, the BFA highly recommends that balloonists attend their local face-to-face seminar if possible. We try to schedule the online seminar later in the Spring to allow those who missed a local seminar to be able to complete a course.

We also recommend watching the seminar in groups if possible. The interaction with others often enhances the experience. We know of several balloon clubs and groups that meet somewhere with a big screen and share the experience together.

One all 7 videos have been watched, the participants will take a short test to verify attendance. Don't worry, if you are paying attention you wiull do just fine. Once completed the attendance information will be sent to the registered person's insurance company.

Speaker List:

  • Sam Parks - Albuquerque, NM - Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Bill Smith - Louisville, KY - Flight Operations

  • Tamie Folley - Salt Lake, UT - Ground & Crew Safety

  • Ryan Carlton - Danville, IL - Weather on the Web

  • Scott Wooge - St. Louis, MO - Maintenance & Repair Jeopardy

  • Tony Sandlin - Fishers, IN - Commercial Lessons for Regular Flights

  • Dean Carlton - Danville, IL - Accident Review and Analysis


Seminar Pricing:

  • BFA Member - Pilot - $50.00
  • BFA Member - Crew - $35.00
  • Non-BFA Pilot+Digital Mag - $85.00
  • Non-BFA Crew+Digital Mag - $70.00
  • Non-BFA Pilot+Delivered Mag - $105.00
  • Non-BFA Crew+Delivered Mag - $90.00