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Balloon Federation of America
PO Box 400
Indianola, Iowa
November 1, 2019

BFA Survey 2020


We are launching a survey: BFA Survey 2020. The intent is 2 fold; 1. We need to collect information that will allow us to address FAA rulemaking with real information from our membership. This requires that we not only have you, our member take the survey, but the other half of our ballooning community that are not members as well. So, please take the survey and also contact your fellow balloonists that are not members and urge them to do the same.

The second reason that we are conducting the survey is to better learn about you, our members and what we can do to both involve you as well as give you value for your membership. Again, we hope that those who are not members will also give us information that would make them consider joining the BFA.

This is an important time in our sport and we need your help as we work to accomplish what is best for ballooning. The survey is designed to only take about 15 minutes and is extremely important.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We also look forward in the future to seeking more information about what we as an organization can do for you.


A link to the survey:

Fly Safe,

Mark West
BFA President
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mark west