westWe are happy to announce that the 2020 BFA On-Line Seminar Webinar videos are now available. Log onto www.bfa.net and go to EDUCATION, then VIDEO SEMINAR LIBRARY to view the new videos. 



  • Don Day - Weather
  • Gordon Schwontkowski - Accident Review
  • Mark West - Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Bill Zangs - Airspace
  • Kim Magee - Flight Planning
  • Caleb Melton - First Aid
  • Dean Carlton - Crew Training


Since they are videos, they can be watched at anytime. All the BFA seminar videos may be viewed at no extra charge by BFA members. Registration and fees are only needed if taking the seminar for insurance credit. Registration is $60 for BFA Pilots and $35 for BFA Crew.

Thanks to the Webinar team for their hard work to get this webinar to us almost 2 week early!