The following pilots have achieved a BFA Flight Instructor or BFA Master Flight Instructor Designation.



Master Flight Instructor

Year 2012

  Exp Date
David W. Sullivan  GA 01/31/2014
Stuart E. Enloe     GA 01/31/2014
Al Lowenstein NM 03/31/2014
Raymond Bair NM 05/31/2014
Beth Wright-Smith NM 12/31/2014
Tom Roush TN 12/31/2014

Year 2013

Mick Murphy CT 02/28/2015
Kay West SD 08/01/2015
Flight Instructor    
Year 2012    
Stephen R Turner GA 01/31/2014
Deborah Standefer CO 01/31/2014
James D Smith OR 01/31/2014
Jim Bushelle WI 01/31/2014
John E Tilton MS 01/31/2014
Devin C Burnham SD 06/30/2014

Congratulations on your designation as a Flight Instructor! Your desire to share your knowledge and expertise with those who wish to enter the sport of ballooning is a commitment to its continuation. On behalf of the members of the Balloon Federation of America, we thank you for that effort.



Last Name
First Name
Crew Level
Year 2010
Gutentag Randy III  Crew Chief New Jersey
Cloyd Elsie II   Senior Crew
Terman Melodie III  Crew Chief Ohio
Year  2011
Sumner Steve III Crew Chief Vermont
IV Master Crew Chief Kansas
Goodnow Julie III Crew Chief Kansas
Gilliam Alison I  Crew Level
Stephens Alyssa I Crew Level Iowa
Stephens Alyssa II Senior Crew Iowa
Stephens Caitlan I Crew Level Iowa
Stephens Caitlan II Senior Crew Iowa
Stephens Craig II Senior Crew Iowa
Stephens Lucas II Senior Crew Iowa
Taylor Jeanne II Senior Crew Colorado
Taylor Scott II Senior Crew Colorado
Taylor Jeanne III Crew Chief Colorado
Taylor Scott III Crew Chief Colorado
Year 2012      
Anastis Lindy I  Crew Level Ohio
Anastis Peter I  Crew Level Ohio
Kirk Janice I  Crew Level Delaware
Kirk Janice II Senior Crew Delaware
Warner Peggy III Crew Chief Colorado
Rowland Stephen I Crew Level Colorado
Cloyd Elsie III Crew Chief Iowa
Year 2013      
Corominas Teresa I Crew Level Florida
Magnano Barbara I Crew Level Pennsylvania
Magnano Barbara II Senior Crew Pennsylvania
Person April I Crew Level North Carolina
Person April II Crew Level North Carolina
Kuehl Thomas I Crew Level North Carolina
Hodgin Bailey I Crew Level North Carolina
Person April III Crew Chief North Carolina
Brossett Gary I Crew Level Georgia
Fouts Bruce I Crew Level Kansas
Fouts Bruce II Senior Crew Kansas
Year 2014      
Anastis Lindy II Senior Crew Ohio
Anastis Peter II Senior Crew Ohio
Warner Michael II Senior Crew Colorado
Warner Michael III Crew Chief Colorado
Warner Mary I Crew Level Colorado
Year 2015      
Rowland Stephan I Crew Level Colorado
Dunavent Duncan I Crew Level North Carolina
Brossett Gary II Senior Crew Georgia
Knowles Matthew I Crew Level Washington
Knowles Matthew II Senior Crew Washington
Knowles Matthew III Crew Chief Washington
Brooks Sharon I Crew Level Washington
Brooks Sharon II Senior Crew Washington
Brooks Sharon III Crew Chief Washington
Brooks Tyler I Crew Level Washington
Brooks Tyler II Senior Crew Washington
Brooks Tyler III Crew Chief Washington
Brooks Carolyn I Crew Level Washington
Brooks Carolyn II Senior Crew Washington
Brooks Carolyn III Crew Chief Washington
Knorr Jerry I Crew Level Arizona
Year 2016      
 Boehler  Bryce I Crew Level  Idaho
Griggs Forrest I Crew Level Nevada
Meaders Laura I Crew Level Nevada
Lucky Ryan I Crew Level Nevada
Hardy Michael I Crew Level Nevada
Hungerford Jay I Crew Level Nevada
Wells Phil I Crew Level Nevada
Muscutt Barb I Crew Level Nevada
Martell Steve I Crew Level Nevada
Stromer Peggy I Crew Level Nevada
Anderson Carole I Crew Level Nevada
Buzzetti Shirley I Crew Level Nevada
Buzzetti Edward I Crew Level Nevada
Vondruska Anne I Crew Level Nevada
Lester Mardi I Crew Level Nevada
Seevers Ed I Crew Level Nevada
Rucker Denise I Crew Level Wisconsin
Rucker John I Crew Level Wisconsin
DeVore Ed I Crew Level Illinois
Serge Brian I Crew Level Indiana
Griggs Forrest II Senior Crew Nevada
Brinton Robert I Crew Level Idaho
Adamsbaum Kenny IV Master Crew Chief  New Jersey
DeVore Ed II Senior Crew Illinois
Year 2017      
Gerding Wayne III Crew Chief Kentucky
Gerding Wayne IV Master Crew Chief Kentucky
Knorr Jerry II Senior Crew Arizona
Serge Brian II Senior Crew Indiana
Brossett Gary III Crew Chief Georgia
Serge Brian III Crew Chief Indiana
Ingram Janna I Crew Level Oregon
Ingram Grace I Crew Level Oregon
Brossett Janet I Crew Level Georgia
Brossett Emilie I Crew Level Georgia
 Sasser Kelly I Crew Level Alabama
DeVore Ed lll Crew Chief Illinois
Rucker Denise II Senior Crew Wisconsin
Winder Jim l Crew Level Wisconsin
Winder Carol l Crew Level Wisconsin
Rucker Denise III Crew Chief Wisconsin
Rucker John II Senior Crew Wisconsin


Scott Wooge, Chair
3609 Summer Brook Court
St. Louis, MO  63129
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PAAP Level
Student - 1
Basic -2
Intermediate -3
Advanced -4
Senior  -5
Master -6
-Prominent  -7
-Distinguished -8
Year 2017      
Magee Kimberly 5 Iowa
Year 2016      
Meyer Mark 8 Maryland
Magee Kimberly 4 Iowa
Barnes Kent 7 Utah
Year 2015      
Bryant Philip 8 Texas
Cloyd Tim 7 Iowa
Wilson Clay 4 Texas
Cutter Christopher 1 New Mexico
Cutter Christopher 2 New Mexico
Griggs Katie 6 Nevada
Year 2014      
Cloyd Tim 6 Iowa
Brossett Gary 1 Georgia
 Barnes  Kent  6  Utah
Year 2013      
Wilson Clay 2 & 3
Cloyd Tim 5 Iowa
Year 2012      
Bradley Troy 8 New Mexico
Corominas Jr Hector 1 Florida
MacNutt Phillip 8 Texas
Burnham Devin 6 South Dakota
Corominas Jr Hector 2 Florida
Wooge Scott 7 & 8 Missouri
Wooge Kimberly 1 - 2 & 3 Missouri
Cloyd Tim 4 Iowa
Wilson Clay 1 Texas
Meyer Mark 7 Maryland
Year 2011
Goodnow Tony 4 Kansas
Harlow Jason 5 Missouri
Parr Richard 3 North Carolina
Standefer Debby 5 Colorado


The Crew Achievement Award Program was in part designed to increase recognition of the often-unsung heroes of our sport - the dedicated crew.

Formally recognizing crew members and involving them in this program will mean crews will be more knowledgeable and enthused about ballooning  - which will ultimately mean safer flights.

This is a list of Part 141 schools, or other companies & organizations that offer balloon training on a regular basis.

If you have any changes, please contact Keith Sproul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.