Effective May 31,2024

New Practical Test Standards 2024

The FAA has published new Practical Test Standards/PTS to be used for both Private and Commercial LTA Checkrides. The old Private and Commercial PTS with effective dates of 1996 and 1997 will not be current after the new documents are effective.

Summary of changes:  Updated References to current documents and practices, mainly in the Introduction Sections. There are very few changes in Lighter-Than-Air Balloon Sections.  But you need to use these for your checkride starting at the end of next month!

If you want more details or a list of all the changes/enhancements  (Page 3 on each new PTS), use the links below:

------------ Effective May 31, 2024 ------
Private Pilot LTA PTS:  November 2023
Document #: FAA-S-8081-17A
LTA Balloon: Only pages 1-33 are needed

------------ Effective May 31, 2024 ------
Commercial Pilot LTA PTS:  November 2023
Document #: FAA-S-8081-18A
LTA Balloon: Only pages 1-38 are needed 


Pat Cannon
BFA President