Welcome to the Official Notice Board for the 37th Great Pershing Balloon Derby (GPBD) & 2013 North Central Regional Championship (NCR).

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Event Staff & Pilot Roster (pdf) (updated 8-28-13 12:20 ET)

Event Map (RMAP for Compe 7.0+ or TwoNav) 

Saturday AM (08/31/13)  GPBD#1 FIN FINAL   GPBD#2 JDG FINAL

Saturday AM (08/31/13)  NCR #1 FIN FINAL   NCR #2 JDG FINAL

Saturday PM (08/31/13) Non-Competitive Flight

Sunday AM (09/01/13) Cancelled/Thunderstorms

Sunday PM (09/01/13) Non-Competitive Flight

Monday AM (09/02/13) GPBD #3 FIN FINAL   GPBD #4 JDG FINAL

Monday AM (09/02/13) NCR #3 FIN FINAL   NCR #4 JDG FINAL

GPBD Standings 1-4 FINAL

NCR Standings 1-4 FINAL