Junior Balloonist Program


The BFA Youth Program benefits the youth of ballooning and ensures the future of ballooning. The Junior Balloonist Program is open to kids aged 13-17. Through education, summer camps, training, and mentorship, we provide youth the ability to discover and grow in the sport of ballooning. Our volunteers mentor youth helping them achieve their goals.

The BFA Youth Program operates Youth Summer Camps for teens aged 13-17. The Summer Camps are the ultimate experience for teens who want to learn more about hot air ballooning. No need to worry if you don't have experience handling balloons. Balloon tethers are scheduled throughout the camp (weather permitting) under the leadership of certified pilots. As part of the event, visitations to balloon and aviation related sites are scheduled as well as plenty of hands-on activities. Past years, topic presentations and discussions have included: Crew Safety, Balloon Systems, Basic First Aid, Power Line Safety, Weather, Pilot Training, FAR/AIM, Mapping and GPS, and much more!

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VBCBallooning Campinar

July 13-16, 2020

8:00am - Noon MST


The virtual BFA Junior Balloonist Camp will provide campers with the basic knowledge they will need to start their ballooning adventures. Topics will include Weather, Flight Operations, Aeronautical Decision Making, Navigation, FARs and Airspace, Balloon Systems, Safety (Propane, Fans, Powerlines), Types of Ballooning (Gas, Competition, Rides Sports), Technology, Repair and Maintenance as well as several open panel discussions.

This will not be your typical webinar sessions where you simply sit and listen to someone talk. We expect to have interaction and involvement form the campers throughout the sessions. We have planned lively sessions with excellent speakers from across the country. We have chosen presenters who have incredible experience and knowledge. We hope to give campers a good idea of what it takes to become involved in hot air ballooning and light a spark that with evolve into a love of the sport.

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2020 Camps Scheduled

Rio Grande Balloon Camp - Albuquerque, New Mexico : July 11-16, 2020

Southeast Regional Balloon Camp - Gaffney, South Carolina : June 14-19 , 2020


Registration begins at 8:00am Central time March 1, 2020.


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Registration priority is given to new campers first with returning campers second.  Camps are limited to 20 campers maximum.

Many balloon clubs offer scholarships for their member teens to attend camp.  We encourage you to join your local balloon club and become more involved in ballooning in your own area as well as by attending camps!


Dawn Chase

BFA Camp Liaison