Qualify for Regional and National competitions
Enhance your navigational skills
Participate as scoring and observing officers
Fun weekend competitions

Hot Air Competition Division (HACD) 

The Hot Air Competition Division is a segment of the BFA membership who share a common interest in competitive ballooning. Members are pilots, crew, event officials who work to promote the advancement of competition within the BFA. Members also organize, staff and host the US National Hot Air Balloon Championship under sanction from the National Aeronautic Association, while also organizing local, state and regional competitions as qualifying events for the Nationals.


Why Join the HACD? 

Are you interested in improving your flying skills quicky and easily? 

Does the idea of learning to navigate accurately to a given location appeal to you? 

Do you want to learn how to plan a flight to a given destination, or learn how to read the winds to better plan your flight? 

Are you interested in seeing how your flying skills compare to other balloonists?

Flying in competition is a very rewarding experience, and sharing knowledge and experiences with like-minded pilots and crew can improve your skills and confidence quickly, while having a great deal of fun.

If you enjoy a worthwhile challenge, then competitive flying might be just what you're looking for. There are many events around the country that offer high quality competition, and most clubs have a handful of pilots willing to share knowledge built up over years.

If you're interested in trying your hand at competition, or want to step your game up a notch your two, then you should join the Hot Air Competition Division. You can start slowly, or jump right into major competitions. Either way there's a lot to gain, and the knowledge you come away with will last a liftime.

Contact any of the HACD board members, or the BFA office to learn more about the HACD and how to join.