Balloon Event Guidelines

9ND37961a-PaulDdeBerjeoisThe BFA's Balloon Event Guidelines were developed to assist event coordinators. The Mission of The Balloon Event Guidelines Committee was to update, develop and publish a comprehensive reference source containing detailed information enabling Event Organizers and Officials to properly organize, plan and execute a balloon event with the safety of pilots, sponsors and the general public as the top priority.

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Event Guidelines

2nd Edition 2018

square300s10Certificate of Waiver or Authorization for an Aviation Event


The FAA policy for aviation events, including balloon events, was released in 2018 effective 1/1/2019.  The BFA was actively involved in the development of the balloon sections of this document. The new guidance makes significant changes for event organizers and provides new guidance on subjects that have often troubled balloon events. 


FAA Policy - Certificate of Waiver

178 Pages - Updated 10/17/2018



A list of questions and answers about the new FAA guidance document