Mission Statement

bfareflectionWe are proud to share our Mission, Vision and Values with our membership

The Balloon Federation of America is a membership organization dedicated to the art, sport and science of Ballooning, and to providing a unified voice for the purpose of representing U.S. balloonists and ballooning enthusiasts across the United States of America, its territories and possessions, before the international ballooning community.

The Balloon Federation of America will provide a national forum for the exchange of ideas to advance the cause of Ballooning as a safe activity that enriches not only the lives of those that directly participate, but the general public as well. In seeking to meet these objectives, the Balloon Federation of America will maintain the highest standards of excellence by promoting understanding and cooperation between ballooning disciplines, by establishing safety and training programs of value to all members, and by encouraging sporting activities that meet American values for fair and just competition.



The Balloon Federation of America is an open forum where all Balloonists may find support in achieving their dreams, excellence in their area of interest and assistance in reaching their goals. We envision all forms of Ballooning as a safe, family oriented sport where all members may come to enjoy the art of Aerostatica and the wonder of flight. We support those competitors that come to ballooning for the thrill of winning.

We will serve as the Official Sanctioning body for America's Team to the World's Ballooning Competition. We support all members that come to ballooning seeking community with others of like interest. We will continually strive to provide an environment that espouses Safety, Skill, and Achievement. We will seek an organization that provides enjoyment of ballooning all the while valuing basic human values of ethics, honesty and respect for all.


  • Safety is most important.
  • We value human dignity.
  • We support all common social values, respecting individuals and differing opinions.
  • We seek all contributions to the sport of ballooning for the common good.
  • We value education for all that seek knowledge in ballooning.
  • We insist on fairness in all competitive events.
  • We will recognize significant contributions to the sport and important achievements through individual endeavors.
  • The affairs of the BFA will be administered in a Democratic Forum with fairness, trust and integrity among the participants.