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HACD Member List

Here is a listing of all current Hot Air Competition Division members. You can choose to list all members, only pilots or only officials. 

Only BFA number, BFA region, and name is available to non-registered members.

BFA number First Name Last Name BFA region
232693 Jeff Abel Southwest
232480 Nicholas Abrams Southwest
195665 Blake Aldridge Southwest
142917 Allen Anderson West
117451 Scott Armstrong North Central
118363 Jeff Ashworth Southwest
105746 Jeffrey Bader Northeast
108607 Andrew Baird Great Lakes
114136 William Baker Southwest
112832 Jeffrey Barlett Great Lakes
232425 Jayson Barnhill Southwest
223666 Mary Benacci Northeast
118088 Meredith Bennett Great Lakes
116149 Christine Bertsch North Central
139642 Margaret Billson Southwest
117039 Cory Bloom North Central
118009 Branden Bloom North Central
005775 Gary Britton Great Lakes
230966 Amanda Brodbeck North Central
117820 Zach Burgess Great Lakes
006932 Bruce Bussey Southwest
006935 Bill Bussey Southwest
108773 Bruce Byberg Northeast
159160 Trenten Caldwell Southwest
102482 Patrick Cannon Southwest
007728 Gary Cass West
116930 Dawn Ann Chase Northeast
116823 Bret Christian North Central
116779 Leroy Clair North Central
008440 Joseph Clark Great Lakes
112408 Benjamen Clemons North Central
108990 Bill Clemons North Central
113634 Philip Clinger Great Lakes
118518 Christopher Cliver Southwest
118637 Patrick Cloyd North Central
116481 Larry Coan Great Lakes
117146 Stephen Coffing Southwest
117640 Jeffrey Conley Great Lakes
231178 Karen Converse Southwest
115196 Spencer Copas Great Lakes
139537 Jeremy Cowgar Great Lakes
231364 Jordan Cox Great Lakes
155866 Chad Crabtree Great Lakes
114630 Bradley Craig North Central
106647 Patricia Cramer Great Lakes
117991 Jim Cusick Great Lakes
118605 Paul Dale Great Lakes
232756 Kristine Darland North Central
139629 Jason Davis North Central
010850 John Davis IV North Central
003985 Denise Day North Central
232154 Colin Degattis Southwest
232461 Rebecca DeSantis Southwest
112466 Nicholas Donner Southeast
115737 Chase Donner Great Lakes
111630 Ken Draughn Southeast
232208 Ryan Duff Great Lakes
232063 Jeff Duff Southwest
118142 David Eichhorn Southwest
013900 Michael Emich Great Lakes
013944 Dave Endres Great Lakes
118631 Darrin Fall Great Lakes
106910 Matt Fenster North Central
015584 Todd Fisher Great Lakes
113572 Aaron Foelske Great Lakes
113720 Wayne Fortney Southeast
017565 Guy Gauthier Southwest
117508 Aaron Gebhart North Central
115381 Steward Gibboney Great Lakes
114848 Jeff Gilles Southwest
107579 Michael Gilligan Southwest
117407 Michael Glen West
232703 Amy Gneiting West
118723 Joshua Goll Southwest
110071 John Good Southeast
178788 Edward Gordon Southwest
232615 Glyn Gowing Southwest
232747 Eric Greenwood Southwest
117987 Marc Griffin Southwest
117641 Andy Gross Great Lakes
232435 Sanne Haarhuis Great Lakes
118195 Myia Hackett Southwest
116720 Chris Hancock West
231340 Barbi Hann North Central
232135 Theo Hartman Great Lakes
111061 Pat Harwell Southeast
231354 Angelica Haus North Central
116635 Gary Haynes North Central
021330 Joe Heartsill Southwest
113726 Lucas Heartsill Southwest
117863 Rhett Heartsill Southwest
113485 Gary Heavin Southwest
117560 Brandon Heavin Southwest
118747 Michael Heffron Southwest
231430 Cynthia Heinrich West
139543 Duncan Hernandez Southwest
220046 Kelly Hilberth Northeast
105307 Gary Hughes Northeast
112893 Dortha Humbert Great Lakes
118477 Ben Humphreys North Central