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Past National Champions

DSC02946History of National Hot Air Balloon Championship

The Piccard Memorial Trophy is awarded to the top finisher of the Balloon Federation of America U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championship.



Year Champion Location
1963 Dick Pollard Kalamazoo, MI.
1964 Jimmy Craig Reno (Sky Ranch) NV.
1965 Jimmy Craig Reno (Stead) NV.
1966 George Craig Reno (Stead) NV.
1967-1969 No Championship held  
1970 Frank Pritchard Des Moines, IA
1971 Dennis Floden Indianola, IA.
1972 Bruce Comstock Indianola, IA.
1973 Tom Gabel Indianola, IA.
1974 Charles Ehrler Indianola, IA.
1975 David Medema Indianola, IA.
1976 Bruce Comstock Indianola, IA.
1977 Bruce Comstock Indianola, IA.
1978 Sid Cutter Indianola, IA.
1979 Bruce Comstock Indianola, IA.
1980 Steve Jones Indianola, IA.
1981 David Schaffer Indianola, IA.
1982 Bruce Comstock Indianola, IA.
1983 Owen Keown Indianola, IA.
1984 Al Nels Indianola, IA.
1985 Al Nels Indianola, IA.
1986 Sid Cutter Indianola, IA.
1987 Bruce Comstock Indianola, IA.
1988 Rob Bartholomew Indianola, IA.
1989 David Levin Baton Rouge, LA.
1990 Steve Jones Baton Rouge, LA.
1991 Jeff Menchhofer Baton Rouge, LA.
1992 Joe Heartsill Middletown, OH.
1993 Harold Cliver Middletown, OH.
1994 Phil Glebe Middletown, OH.
1995 Pat Cannon Columbia, MO.
1996 Harold Cliver Columbia, MO.
1997 Joe Heartsill Columbia, MO.
1998 Johnny Petrehn Rantoul, IL
1999 Joe Heartsill Rantoul, IL.
2000 No Championship held  
2001 Nick Donner Anderson, SC
2002 Brian Beazly Anderson, SC
2003 Nick Donner Anderson, SC
2004 Paul Petrehn Anderson, SC
2005 Paul Petrehn Anderson, SC
2006 Pat Cannon Anderson, SC
2007 Joe Heartsill Waco, TX
2008 Joe Heartsill Anderson, SC
2009 Nick Donner Battle Creek, MI
2010 Nick Donner Battle Creek, MI
2011 Nick Donner Battle Creek, MI
2012 Chase Donner Longview, TX
2013 Paul Petrehn Longview, TX
2014 Johnny Petrehn Longview, TX
2015 Johnny Petrehn Longview, TX
2016 Rhett Heartsill Shreveport, LA
2017 Johnny Petrehn Shreveport, LA
2018 Rhett Heartsill Shreveport, LA
2019 Rhett Heartsill Scottsbluff, NE
2020 No Championship held  
2021 Chase Donner Scottsbluff, NE
2022 Rhett Heartsill Scottsbluff, NE
2023 Bruce Wood Longview, TX