This award is presented by the BFA president from the prior year at the BFA's annual meeting in October. The president selects a person or organization that made significant contributions to the BFA.

Year Recipient BFA President
2023 Scott Appelman Pat Cannon
2022 Dave Sullivan Pat Cannon
2021 Tamie Shrum Mark West
2020 Jason Jones Mark West
2019 Orvin Olivier Cheri White
2019 Mike Shrum Cheri White
2018 Bob & Marie Dicks and the FAVIA 225 Board Cheri White
2017 Andy Baird Dean Carlton
2017 Sam Parks Dean Carlton
2017 Pat Cannon Dean Carlton
2017 Scott Appelman Dean Carlton
2017 Tony Sandlin Dean Carlton
2016 Fred Dinkler Dean Carlton
2015 Gary Tarter and Family Sam Parks
2014 David N Levin Sam Parks
2013 James A Thompson Mick Murphy
2012 Sharon Ripperger Troy Bradley
2011 Brian Seymour Troy Bradley
2011 Connie Thompson Troy Bradley
2010 Maury Sullivan Don Edwards
2009 Derrick Jones Andy Baird
2008 John Reeves Andy Baird
2008 Donnie Neighbor Andy Baird
2007 Gary Heavin Andy Baird
2006 Joey R Preston Ray Bair
2005 Al Richter Phil Bryant
2005 Janice Johnson Phil Bryant
2005 Clare Wade-Callihan Phil Bryant
2005 Stacey Griffin Phil Bryant
2004 Don Koranda Phil Bryant
2003 Greg & Edna Thompson Phil Bryant