Action Needed: Pilot Survey

Good day to all pilots,

We’re at a vital crossroads in our sport. In the wake of a few serious accidents over the past few years, ballooning is increasingly portrayed as reckless, dangerous, and out of control by the media, politicians, and some investigative and regulatory agencies. This growing public misperception of our sport has already resulted in increased regulation and likely will have further unfavorable consequences, unless we act now to change this.

The Balloon Federation of America and its Call to Action Committee (comprised of Pat Cannon, Andy Baird, Sam Parks and Scott Appelman), along with other significant ballooning stakeholders, needs your help. We are seeking to establish a real time database to reflect the true SAFETY of ballooning. 

We are therefore asking that you click the link below and take 4-5 minutes to answer the brief questionnaire you’ll find there. We’re hoping to establish a big picture view of our sport, with data relative to our pilot population's years of experience, number of flights made, hours flown, landings and more. (No one’s individual information will be used in any way except to compile a cumulative report!) This database can then be used to factually, and favorably, respond to negative reporting that so often follows incidents or accidents in ballooning. If we don’t defend our sport, no one else will.

Please note you may see this survey on many social platforms, personal pages, etc. To maintain accuracy, PLEASE ANSWER THE SURVEY ONLY ONCE! We ask that you consider this request urgently and register your responses by February 15, 2024.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we all work to proactively present the many benefits that our sport and industry brings to the public. We will publish the results of the survey when completed.

Click this link:


Pat Cannon

BFA President

  Cannon Pat