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Tasks 1 - 4 FINAL

Tasks 1 through 4 have gone final with no changes.

07/21/18 10:32am



07/21/18 12:07pm

RESPONSE to Complaint


I am in receipt of your written complaint concerning the number of flights to complete a valid Women’s National Championship, as well as your concern to add another possible flight for Sunday evening or perhaps waiting until Monday morning if all of those entered are in unanimous agreement to do so.

Regarding any additional flights, no decision has been made, nor has any feedback been provided from the competitors concerning possibly waiting the weather out.  


I would like to be clear that discussion regarding the valid number of flights has only come about as a result of being informed from the BFA HACD Board President that a US National Championship is required to have completed two flights And three tasks at a minimum to be considered a valid championship.  This notification was presented to me by HACD President Jason Jones, after a phone conversation and subsequently followed-up with a text message at approximately 9:00 pm on Wednesday, July 18th, after the master briefing and before the first flight.

As the Event Director, I have a responsibility to both the competitor and to the Balloon Federation of America HACD which sanctioned this event as the Women’s National Championship.  While I see the points you are making and understand your position, I have been instructed by the President of the HACD that unless there are at least two flights and three tasks, a US Women’s National Champion cannot be declared from this event. 

Let us hope that the weather improves and another flight is completed within the published schedule.  Please feel free to exercise any other options which are available to you per the rules.



Ken Walter

Event Director 

2018 Women's U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championships

WindDancer Balloon Promotions
Waukesha, Wi


07/21/18 15:25

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