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MAP/FILE updates for new RED PZs


As a result of some added RED PZs, many of the provided map files have now been updated (2:20 PM Central, Friday 8/30).

All of the updated files are available now in the dropbox link below (same folder as previously used) and all files contain the word Update/updated.

The folder now contains the following:

-New JPG file (Finalbrookfield2019_update)

-New OziExplorer file (.MAP)

-New TwoNav/CompeGPS file (.RMAP)

-New .KMZ map for use in Dakota GPS and similar as well as Google Earth

-New .KML for PZs for use with Hot Air app

-New RED PZs .GPX file for use with MotionX or other GPS programs/units

-New RED PZs .KMZ for Google Earth

-New AvenzaPDF output files (this is a test by request, I have no idea if these work or not)

-Jury Results Word Doc

Yellow PZs and Hard Targets had no change.




Contact Drew Egerton at drew.egerton@gmail.com or 828-553-8810 with any questions or issues.