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Scoring Programs

The following programs are available for event directors and/or scorers to download and use for scoring events.








Simplified Scoring Program (version 16.11.4 July 2020)


Use this version of the program if the results at your event only allows results that are direct measurements.  No loggers, No gridded map (for scoring purposes) and no observers!

Note: 45 Meg File Size

BFA Simplified Scoring Program

BFA Full Scoring Program (version 18.2.2 September 7, 2023)


Use this version of the program at your event if it requires the full scoring system (loggers and/or a gridded map). This version "accomodates" Balloon Live track files. Also, reduction of "P" value for AXMER and U.S. Nationals events for 'No Flight' or 'Disqualified'. This version incorporates changes/fixes after the U.S. Women's National Championship. 

Note: 30 Meg File Size

BFA Full Scoring Program


BFA Reckless Flying Program (version 1.7.6 April 28, 2018)


This program is used with logger data to determine if pilots are flying within the safety requirements of distance and speed. A sample report can be viewed at Reckless Report.

BFA Reckless Flying Program

BFA Logger Management Program (version 2.4.9 June 10, 2013)


This program allows the user to manage the BFA loggers for competitions.

BFA Logger Management Program

You are advised to have all other applications on your computer closed during these installations.